Rare books collections: Wedderburn Collection

Wedderburn collection

‌A Wedderburn collection was the bequest of Sir John Wedderburn (1599-1679), Regent of St Leonard's College and physician to Charles I, made in 1679 to St Leonard's College. There are 136 volumes, including 7 incunabula, and medical books of the 15th-17th centuries. It includes a coloured copy of Hieronymus Bock, De stirpium nomenclaturis, Strassburg, 1552. Some of the volumes have the three choughs bookstamp (Davenport p.211) of uncertain ownership.

Finding aids

The Wedderburn collection is fully available here via the online catalogue. Classmarks for books in this collection have the prefix Wed.


On the three choughs bookstamp, see D MacArthur, 'Three Cornish choughs: an armorial bookstamp problem', The Library World, June 1951, p.279-280.

Images of the collection