Rare books collections: Children's Book Collection

Children's Book Collection

Initially developed by the Library during the 21st century from existing stock, the Children's Book Collection currently contains c. 100 volumes, and is still growing through occasional purchases and donations as well as continuing review of existing stock.

It's a subject-based collection of books written for children in any language and from any time period. Best represented in the collection are 19th and 20th century publications, including, but not limited to, picture books, novels, textbooks at the primary school level, and activity books. 

Highlights include a first edition of Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories (London : Macmillan and Co., 1902) and a copy of a children’s literature compilation entitled The Flying Carpet(London: Partridge & Co., 1925), signed by J. M. Barrie and presented to the children of the former St Andrews University Principal, Sir James Colquhoun Irvine

The collection consists of 210 volumes. Classmarks for books in this collection have the prefix Chi and can be found on the online catalogue here.

Images of the collection