Manuscript collections: Personal papers

Personal papers

This section contain papers of numerous academics who worked at the University as well as others with connections to North East Fife, with particular strengths in 19th century science and literature.

There are large collections of manuscripts relating to some of the great scientists of their day, such as James David Forbes, Hugh Cleghorn and D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson.

There is also a fine collection of theological material, particularly relating to the Roman Catholic Modernists including Friedrich von Hugel, Alfred Lilley, Wilfred Ward, George Tyrrell, George Young and Franke Rooke Ley.

Literary papers include Willa Muir, Douglas Dunn and Andrew Lang. Artists such as Wilhelmina Barnes-Graham, composers Cedric Thorpe Davie and Gerald Finzi, and local historians David Hay Fleming, Andrew Bennet and James Wilkie have all left important collections. 

Most collection catalogues are available through the online catalogue