Online reading lists - info for staff

Guidance for teaching staff on creating and editing online lists for their modules

Important first step

The first time you use the reading lists software you will need to add a 'Bookmark' button to your browser's Bookmarks/Favorites toolbar.

Step 1: Display the toolbar

(Unless you already use one) add a Bookmarks/Favorites toolbar to your browser.

Click below to see how to do this for your browser.



Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+B


via the menu icon > hover over Bookmarks > click Show bookmarks bar.


Right-click in the Firefox header (i.e. in the space above the address box) > choose Bookmarks Toolbar


Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+B


Choose View > Show Favorites Bar


Click on Opera menu > Bookmarks > select Show bookmarks bar


Step 2: Add the Bookmark Button to the toolbar

From the reading lists home page:

  • [Log in if necessary]
  • Click on My Bookmarks, then on Install Bookmark Button

→ a box opens that will walk you through the process of installing the Bookmark Button:

  • Click through to the page that displays the Add to My Bookmarks button
  • Click and drag the button up to the toolbar

Image outlining steps described above

Click Next and Close to finish.

Next step

Start by creating a structure for your list or skip on to creating bookmarks.

Creating/updating a list yourself

Log in to the reading lists system at

Necessary first step

Once you have have access to the list you will need to do some initial set-up on your browser.

Workflow for populating your list

You can find your list via the search box or My Lists

  1. Create a structure
        – add sections, e.g. Required Textbooks, General Reading, weekly topics
  2. Create bookmarks
    ‘Bookmark’ is the term used for a link to a resource, i.e. 
        – a book (print or e-book)
        – a chapter or essay in a book
        – an e-journal article
        – a DVD or online video
        – a web page
  3. Populate your list
        – add bookmarks
        – add notes
        – add text
  4. Publish your list

Editing your list

    – update a list from a previous year
    – edit bookmarks and section
    – move bookmarks or sections
    – edit list details

Requesting digitisations