Online reading lists - info for staff

Guidance for teaching staff on creating and editing online lists for their modules

The online reading lists system provides enables teaching staff to provide students with easy access to course materials:

  • displays library location and availability of print books and DVDs
  • direct access to e-books, journal articles, web resources, scanned readings
  • quick to update: add new material, rearrange order, etc via an easy to use editing interface

Options for your list

There are 2 ways to set up or update a reading list for your module –


If you haven’t done so already, ask the Library to give you access to the online reading lists software. You will be sent an e-mail invitation to become a ‘List Publisher’ – click on the link in the message to accept this.

For new lists just let us know the module code and title

For existing lists we will set up a new copy of the list for you to work on.


e-mail the Library attaching a copy of your module reading list (or a near-final draft) marked up with any instructions (e.g. 'Scan Chapter 1', 'Please order e-book if available').

You can ask to be given editing access to the list once it has been set up. You can also ask us to give you permissions that will allow you to place requests to have chapters from print books scanned.

If you have a straightforward request, e.g. to have last year's list rolled over with a few changes, e-mail the Library with the relevant details.

Creating/updating a list yourself

Log in to the reading lists system at

Necessary first step

Once you have have access to the list you will need to do some initial set-up on your browser.

Workflow for populating your list

You can find your list via the search box or My Lists

  1. Create a structure
        – add sections, e.g. Required Textbooks, General Reading, weekly topics
  2. Create bookmarks
    ‘Bookmark’ is the term used for a link to a resource, i.e. 
        – a book (print or e-book)
        – a chapter or essay in a book
        – an e-journal article
        – a DVD or online video
        – a web page
  3. Populate your list
        – add bookmarks
        – add notes
        – add text
  4. Publish your list

Editing your list

    – update a list from a previous year
    – edit bookmarks and section
    – move bookmarks or sections
    – edit list details

Requesting digitisations