Online reading lists - info for staff

Guidance for teaching staff on creating and editing online lists for their modules

New editing interface

From December 2020 all users of the reading lists software will now be automatically routed to an upgraded version of the editing interface. If you'd previously used the software to create lists you'll very likely find the new interface easier and more intuitive to use.

► Video guide: Creating and updating online reading lists - quick guide (3 mins)

Key changes

Previously, to make changes to your list you had to open a separate editing page:

The process of creating bookmarks is identical, but the way you add them to your list is different:

Thearrow allows you to quickly move items by dragging and dropping them.

Themenu on the right of the page allows you to move sections and individual bookmarks by cutting and pasting them. It also gives options for adding notes about readings for the class and the Library. You can also use it to place requests to have chapters from print books digitised.