Online reading lists - info for staff: Print books

Guidance for teaching staff on creating and editing online lists for their modules

Add a book to your list

This video covers the key steps, with more detailed info in the step-by-step instructions below.

Guides on adding specific chapters from books and books not currently in stock in the Library appear further below.

There is also a separate guide to adding e-books.

Add a book to your list - step-by-step instructions

Step 1

Open SAULCAT in a new tab in your browser and search for the book you want to add.

Open the full record for the book (as pictured) and click the Add to My Bookmarks button in the browser toolbar.

SAULCAT screenshot  

Step 2

This opens a page with two frames: the left hand section displays the metadata for the book, while the SAULCAT page you 'bookmarked' is on the right.

You may occasionally want to edit the metadata (e.g. to add the original date of publication of a work), but in most cases it's fine to proceed without doing so.

To add the book to your list click the Create & Add to List button. [Another method for adding items, using the Create button, is described below.]

A pop-up box will now open, as below.

Create and add pop-up

Step 3

In the Create & Add to List pop-up...

|The list you're working on should already be selected in the Add to list box.

If you created a structure for your list, you can choose which section to add your book to from the drop-down menu, otherwise it will be added to the bottom of the list.

If you want to add an instruction for the class or a comment about the book (e.g. 'Read: Chapter 1', 'A useful overview') you can enter this in the Note for student box.


If you wish, you can indicate an importance level (Suggested for student purchase, Essential, Recommended or Optional) from the Importance drop-down menu.

You can also pass on information to the Library (e.g. 'Please purchase two additional copies', 'Please order e-book if available') via the Note for Library box. You will need to request a review when you publish the list to forward this information to the Library.

Once you click OK the bookmark will be saved to your list and you can return to SAULCAT to search for the next book you want to add. 

To view books you've added to your list, return to the browser tab for your list and refresh the page.

Add a chapter from a book

If you want to give details of a specific chapter in a book or article in an edited volume, it's sometimes sufficent to list this via the Note to student box in the Create & Add to List pop-up as in the example above.

You can also add a note like this later on by going to Edit > Edit list and clicking on Edit notes and importance. The note will display in your list in this way:

chapter in notes

You can however opt to give the chapter details in full in your list, rather than as a note. Using this format, it would display in your list like this:


which would then expand to give the full bibliographic details:

chapter details

To create a chapter bookmark, follow the steps in this video.

Books not in stock in the Library

There are two options for listing a book which the Library doesn't currently have in stock.

1. Add a note:

In the Edit view (click the Edit button, choose Edit list), click and drag the four-pointed arrow for New Note in to the appropriate point on your list.

Add a note

In the Add a Note box that then opens, key in the bibliographic details for the book and (if appropriate) text such as "Copy to be ordered for the Library".

To alert Library staff to order information use the Request review option (top right in illustration above). Once copies have been received, Library staff will add in bookmarks in place of your note.

2. Bookmark from an online bookseller:

In the same way as you use SAULCAT to pull in bibliographic details when creating a bookmark for a book in the Library, you can do the same for books not in stock by searching for them on Amazon (or some other online booksellers) and clicking the Add to My Bookmarks button.

  • If using the Create & Add to List method, add in instructions in the Note for Library box, e.g. 'Please order 2 copies for short loan'.
  • If using the Create method, you can do this via the Edit notes and importance link.

In both cases, to alert Library staff to order requests use the Request review option (top right in illustration above). Once copies have been received, Library staff will add in bookmarks from SAULCAT in place of your bookseller website bookmarks.