Online reading lists - info for staff: Journal articles

Guidance for teaching staff on creating and editing online lists for their modules

Add an e-journal article to your list

This video covers the key steps, with more detailed info in the step-by-step instructions below.

Add an e-journal article to your list - step-by-step guide

Open a new tab in your browser and search for the article you want to add, e.g. via Seeker, the SAULCAT periodicals tab, individual databases, Google Scholar etc.

In order to successfully create a bookmark you need to navigate to the abstract or summary page for the article, not the PDF.

To view examples of abstract/summary pages for some of the major journal providers click the links below.

Cambridge Journals


► Oxford Journals

► Sage Journals

► ScienceDirect

► SpringerLink

► Web of Science

► Wiley Online Library

Abstract page

Click the Add to My Bookmarks button in your browser's toolbar.

This opens a page with two frames: the left hand section displays the metadata for the article, while the abstract page you 'bookmarked' is on the right.




You may need to edit the metadata, e.g. if the date needs to tidied up, or the article title is all in caps. Simply overtype with the correct format.

An important step is to tick the Online Resource box . This will add a direct link from your list to the full text of the article. Ticking the box will open a pop-up window - you just need to click OK here.

To add the article to your list click the Create & Add to List button.

A pop-up box will now open, as below.

Add to my bookmarks

In the Create & Add to Listpop-up...

The list you're working on should already be selected in the Add to list box.

If you created a structure for your list, you can choose which section to add your book to from the drop-down menu, otherwise it will be added to the bottom of the list.

If you want to add a note for the class about the article (e.g. 'A useful overview') you can include it here.


If you wish, you can indicate an importance level (Suggested for student purchase, Essential, Recommended or Optional) from the Importance drop-down menu.

Once you click OK the bookmark will be saved to your list and you can return to SAULCAT to search for the next book you want to add.

To view articles you've added to your list, return to the browser tab for your list and refresh the page. [Insert image here]

Add an article in a print journal to your list

For print journal articles you should create a bookmark of the SAULCAT record for the journal, then add in details of the specific article.

Note: once you've added the article details to your list you can use this to request that we upload a digitised copy that the class can access via the list.