Ebook Collections: VleBooks

This guide highlights a range of ebook collections, giving details on the content of the collections, and how to use them

About EBSCO E-books


Vlebooks is an ebook platform, providing access to E-books from a range of publishers, and covering a wide range of subjects.  All VleBooks can be found through the search box on the Library homepage

Key facts:

  • There are over 4000 titles available 
  • All titles are available as full-text documents via the "Read Online" option
  • Some of the titles can be downloaded for use on your PC, Mac or Device (this is a temporary file which deletes after 24 hours)
  • You can download and keep a proportion of an ebook, amounts vary for each titles.
  • Some titles will restrict the number of people who can access at any one time.

Important Information for Mac users

VleBooks use pop-ups in the read online feature.  You will need to enable pop-ups for the site in your browser.

  • Select the browser option from the apple menu (top left of the screen)
  • Choose "Preferences"
  • Select "Pop-up windows"
  • You'll see an option for VleBooks - change this to "allow"

Accessing VleBooks

Search the Library using the search box to access all the VleBooks available.  When an e-book is available use the eBook button on the right of the item in the results page:

You'll need to login at the single sign on page:

Picture of Single sign-on screen

Enter your university username and password and click Login

You'll be taken to the ebook on the VleBooks platform.  Below the image of the book you'll see details on how much you can print, or copy - and a read online option and sometimes a download option


Picture of print and copy allowances

In the vast majority of cases you are recommended to use the Read Online option.  Only use the Download option if you need to access the ebook offline.  You will need to install third party software to download the ebook, and the download will only be accessible for 24 hours.


Can I access all content on VleBooks

You can only access titles the University has bought.  Search for these using the search box on the Library homepage.

Using VleBooks

Read Online is the option recommended for accessing the full-text of all VleBooks.  Click the Read Online button 

This opens up the VleBook reader. 

Picture of VieBook reader screen

  1. Page View - Scrollable view of the pages of the eBook.
  2. Side panel - book publication details
  3. Table of contents
  4. Search option - use the search the book
  5. Thumbnail view of book pages
  6. Integrated dictionary
  7. Your annotations
  8. Page navigation - jump to a page by entering the number in the box
  9. Use to select text to copy
  10. Increase / decrease text size
  11. Print
  12. Page view - single or double page view
  13. Page resize, fit to height / fit to width
  14. Page rotation and page copy
  15. Change  page background colour
  16. Read Aloud
  17. Help - access the reader manual.

The print and copy allowance will vary for each book.  You'll see the allowance below the book image:

Use the Read Online option to access the print options within the reader.

Click the printer to the right on the bar along the top of the reader

The printing allowance box will open, printing the selected page is the default, but this can be changed to print a page range.  The number of pages you have already printed from the title will also display.


Text can be copied using a copy and paste function.  You can copy a selection of text from a page or copy a whole page.

Copy a selection of text from a page:

  • Navigate to the page you want to copy text from
  • Select the copy button from the controls along the top 
  • Click where you want to start copying and drag your mouse to the end of the selected text.
  • Each selection will count as 1 page copied.
  • Text will be available to paste into a document, etc.

Copy a whole page

  • Navigate to the page you want to copy
  • Click the dropdown option for the page options and select "Copy Page":

Only use the Download function if you need to access the ebook and won't have internet access to read it.  The Download option allows you to download the ebook for 24 hours, and you need to install Adobe Digital Editions or an ebook reader for mobile devices.  Use the Read Online option if you have stable internet access when you need to read the ebook.

Before you download:

  • Download and Install Adobe Digital Editions to your computer or Mac 
  • Or Install the Bluefire reader for your mobile device in the App Store or Google Play Store

To download:

Click the Download option

You'll see a screen advising that the download is for 24 hours, click Download

Wait a few moments then click the link "click to download

The ebook will open in Adobe Digital Editions or the Bluefire reader.

You are unable to print or annotate a downloaded ebook.

Examples of books on VleBooks

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