Ebook Collections: EBSCO E-books

This guide highlights a range of ebook collections, giving details on the content of the collections, and how to use them

About EBSCO E-books

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EBSCO E-books is an ebook platform, providing access to E-books from a range of publishers, and covering a wide range of subjects.

Key facts:

  • There are over 6000 titles available 
  • All titles are available as full-text documents
  • Most of the titles can be downloaded for use on your PC, Mac or Device (this is a temporary file which deletes after 24 hours)
  • The amount you can download and keep from Ebsco ebooks varies from title to title
  • Access to some titles is limited to 1-3 concurrent users.  If you see the message "Sorry this ebook is in use" try again later.


EBSCO Information Services /EBSCOhost is the registered trademark of EBSCO Information Services

Using Ebsco Ebooks

Ebsco Ebook licenses

Ebsco Ebooks are supplied with on a range of different access models, these vary from title to title.  This will impact the number of people who can access a title at the same time, and the amount that you can download and keep.

An Ebsco ebook page looks like this:

An image of an ebsco ebook showing the details of the book.  There's a red box near the bottom right which shows usage restrictions, a green box on the left giving a PDF or EPUB format, and a blue box on the left showing a Full Download option.

  • Usage restrictions are highlighted in the red box in the example above these show:

Publisher Permissions: Print/ Email/ Save 15 pages restricted copy/paste. Concurrent user, limited user access (297 uses available)

This means that you can download and keep 15 pages.  This book is supplied with a limited number of credits, this shows 297 credits are available, which means the ebook can be accessed a further 297 times, there are no restrictions on how many people can access it at the same time, each person will use one credit when they access the ebook.  The Library will be notified before credits run out.  

With other titles you may be able to download and keep a larger proportion of the ebook, and the concurrent user access may restrict the number of people who can access at the same time, or could be unlimited.

The green box on the left shows options to access either a PDF or EPub format of the ebook, these are the read online options for Ebsco ebooks, we recommend you use these to read the ebook.

Image showing PDF full text and EPUB full text access options highlighted in a green box

These will open the book in the Ebsco ebook reader.  

We only recommend you use the Full Download option if you need to access the ebook when you will be offline.  When you choose Full Download you will be asked to sign in to download the ebook.  If you don't already have an Ebsco account you will be prompted to create one, if you already have an Ebsco account, login. You will also need to have Adobe Digital Editions installed.

The Download options below will appear:

Image of the download box which shows the book can be downloaded for 1 day, and asked you to select PDF or EPUB format, and to confirm you have Adobe Digital Editions installed. When these are selected the Full Download button is active.

Select the format and confirm you have Adobe Digital Editions installed to activate the Full Download option.  You will not be able to print from, copy or annotate the download, after 24 hours you will no longer have access, but can download it again by repeating the process above.

Searching for Ebsco Ebooks

All Ebsco ebook titles can be found through Library search:

Enter a title, keywork, author, or a combination of these into the search box, and tick the E-Book only box.

From the results click the eBook button , if you need to login you'll be taken to the University of St Andrews Microsoft Office 365 sign-in page, enter your university email address and password.

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