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This guide highlights a range of ebook collections, giving details on the content of the collections, and how to use them

Searching for ebooks

University of St Andrews Staff and Students have access to a range of ebooks, some bought individually, others belonging to packages.  All ebooks can be found using the search box on the Library homepage.  To limit the search to ebooks make sure you tick the ebook option beneath the search box:

Picture of Library online search page

Enter a subject, keyword, author or book title. 

How do I view an Ebooks?

Click the eBook button Picture of eBook search button to the right of the title of the ebook you want to use.

You will need to sign in to view the ebook, the University of St Andrews Single Sign-on page will appear

Picture of Single Sign On page

Enter your username and password to access the ebook.

How ebooks are supplied

Once logged in you will normally see a table of contents and either an option to download PDFs of chapters, or the option to read online.

  • All ebooks will give you access to the full-text online.
  • Some ebooks are supplied DRM-Free (Digital Rights Management Free) - allowing you to download and keep, or print as much of the ebook as you want.  Some ebooks are supplied via an Open Access license - these are DRM-Free and can be accessed without a subscription
  • Some ebooks can be downloaded for use off-line, but access is for 24 hours and the donwload will automatcially be removed.  You won't be able to print, copy or annotate the download.   You may need to download reader software to use these, such as Adobe Digital Editions or BlueFire.
  • Some ebooks will restrict the amount you can print or download in accordance with UK Copyright or publisher restrictions.
  • Some ebooks will limit the number of people who can use them at the same time.   

Details on each of the Ebook packages can be found on the tabs on this page, along with information about the different publisher platforms ebooks are supplied on.

Epub format

Some Ebooks can be downloaded, but have an EPub format - to access these you'll need a reader installed.

For PCs, MACs and some e-readers you will need to install Adobe Digital Editions.

Adobe Digital Editions isn't compatible with most tablets, instead you will need to install the Bluefire Reader App.

Links to Adobe Digital Editions and Bluefire Reader sites are below.

More books

Picture of tree of books

If you think a book would be a useful addition to the Library collections, please let us know.

Staff should email the details of the book to their Academic Liaison Librarian

Students can email details of the book to morebooks@st-andrews.ac.uk

Chat with us

Need help? Chat to Library Staff, Monday - Friday, 9.00-17.00 using the box below.  When "Chat with us" is unavailable email library@st-andrews.ac.uk with your question.