International Relations: Reference Works

Reference Works

Reference works are useful for understanding new concepts or subject specific terminology. They are a useful starting point when carrying out research in a new area. Here is a small list of titles which are available to you. Individual titles can be found in SAULCAT. Alternatively use the reference collections listed on the right hand side of the page to search across multiple reference works at once or browse by topic.

Reference Collections

access to the texts of the Cambridge Histories series providing up to date and authoritative scholarly content. Collections of particular interest are Political & Social Theory, Warfare and the sections on Economic, Regional, British and American History.

The International Studies Encyclopedia- a specialist reference work for the field of international relations and international studies. This resource includes specially-commissioned, peer reviewed essays on a wide range of topics including international law, peace studies, security studies, foreign policy and many other areas

a cross-searchable collection of reference works. As well as general reference works (dictionaries, thesauri etc) specific subject works are also available including philosophy, history, social sciences, law.


a collection of general and subject related reference works. Particularly useful for Biographies but also includes titles in the areas of philosophy, history, social science and religion.