A-Z Databases: Welcome

List of the databases you can use to access journal articles, reports, conference papers, ebooks, newspapers, and many other resources.

Acceptable use guidelines

Read our acceptable use guidelines for information about downloading, copyright, and sharing material from our electronic resources.

Remote Access

Picture of sheep - No matter how remote you can still access online resources

If you have problems accessing resources when you are away from the University, we can help!

Check our Remote Access guide, we have video demos and screenshot examples of how to access lots of resources.

However, we may not have subscribed to every journal that a database lists. If you cannot access an article after you have logged in with your University username and password, use the Search box on the Library homepage and search using the journal publication title, to see if the Library has a subscription.

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Chat with us

You can chat  online with a member of Library staff, Monday - Friday 9.00-17.00.

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Asking for payment


  • We don't have a subscription to a specific journal or ebook - try searching using the Search box on the Library Homepage 
  • You need to sign in, look for Shibboleth or Institutional login, more details are on our remote access guide.


Problem signing in

  • Caught in a loop? Does your browser keep returning you to the same page? You can either clear your browser history / cookies, or try another web browser, such as Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.
  • If there is no institutional sign in option or the information on our remote access guide doesn't help, please email library@st-andrews.ac.uk


Problem viewing files

  • If you can't open PDFs, if you are using a Mac, please make sure Adobe is set as the default viewer, Preview will not open some files.
  • Try locating the PDF in your downloads folder rather than opening it within your browser, or try another browser as Chrome sometimes cannot open files, try Firefox or Safari.