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Remote Access to Online Resources: Off-campus access

How to access online journal articles, e-books and use SEEKER when you are away from the University.

General Basics

You need your University username and password to access online resources.

Lots of databases and journal web pages have more than one login option.

Look for:

  • Institutional login
  • Login via your home institution
  • Shibboleth login
You might also be asked to select your location, regardless of what country you are working in select: UK Access Management Federation or United Kingdom, then your Institution, University of St Andrews.
Then you will see this screen:
Enter your username and password and you'll be logged in.

Whilst most databases are listed on this guide, there may be a few not included. A full list of databases can be found on our A-Z database list.

The Library Catalogue (SAULCAT)

Many online resources are found through the Library Catalogue

When you are away from the University you need to follow these login instructions to access the online material you find through SAULCAT. 


Some links go directly to the University of St Andrews single sign-on page, for others look for a Login option.


If you have any problems, please let us know.


Use this box to search the Library Catalogue (SAULCAT).

Accessing journal articles through SAULCAT

Using SEEKER when away from the University

Inter-Library Loans

If, after following the remote access options, you find that we do not have a book, article or thesis you need, use the Inter-Library Loans service to request it.

Login and make your request!

Make a request!


Our service is fully electronic! 

For more information, see our guide.

Any questions or problems making a request? Email:


Ask a Librarian

If you have a question, please ask us! Chat below. If we are off line, please email us:

Remote Access

You can access most of our online resources wherever you are whenever you want!


Please link to databases, journals and other resources through the links in SAULCAT or the A-Z list. Some resources have custom urls which provide remote access without needing to login.

Look for the "Log In" or "Sign In" links*

There will still be some items that we've not bought access to. 

If you still can't get certain articles, please order them though Inter-Library Loans.