Inter-Library Loans & ArticleReach: for a Journal

Make a request

To request a journal article

1. Click on 'Make a request: Inter-Library Loan / ArticleReach Request' (above)

2. Select 'Journal or journal article'

3. Login in (if you aren't already)

4. Select 'Journal article'

5. At the bottom of the ArticleReach box click the 'Request Now' button.

6. Enter your name and Library barcode number (the number on the back of your Matric/Staff card, ignoring any letters at the end.)

7. Enter the Journal Title - if it appears from a drop-down menu whilst typing select it, if it isn't there continue to fill out the form anyway.

8. Complete as much of the rest of the form as you can. Only the items are in red are compulsory, but the more information you give, the better.

9. Click the 'submit' button at the bottom of the screen.

If the article is available through ArticleReach it will be supplied by one of the holding libraries who will email it to you. If there are no ArticleReach libraries who can supply it then it will be sent as an Inter-Library Loan request to the British Library.

Image of books transferring

Reading articles provided by the British Library Document Supply Service

Articles and book chapters provided by the British Library are encrypted and you will need to make sure that you read the following instructions before attempting to open an attachment. Further information and troubleshooting help can be found in the Reading British Library Articles section

The first time you use the service you will have to register with BLDSS/On Demand - Register for On Demand’. 

You can only use the service with Adobe Reader 10 (or above). If your machine is configured to open another PDF reader you will need to turn this option off and use Adobe Reader 10 to be able to gain access to your ILLs. 

You may only print the article off once. 

The article is not automatically saved and you must click ‘File>Save As’ and name it to a drive or memory stick to save it. 

You have 30 days to open and download the document and then access to the document for 3 years. It is recommended that you download the item onto the device(s) that you want to read the item on. They will be able to be read by your normal PDF viewer. 

Once the item has expired you will no longer be able to access it.

How long does it take?

Books and articles will usually arrive between 7 and 10 days, so please keep this in mind if you are requesting a specific title ahead of a deadline. Some items may take longer to arrive, for instance, if they are harder to source, so we can't guarantee delivery within a specific timeframe. You will receive updates on your request through your university email account.

Please allow 24 hours for us to process your request, excluding weekends and holidays.