Inter-Library Loans & ArticleReach: for a Thesis or Other Items

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Requesting Theses

If you would like to request a thesis, please search:


ProQuest Dissertation and Theses 

EBSCO Open Dissertations

before making a request. Many theses are available for immediate download free of charge. If you are asked to pay for a thesis when using this service please place a request through Inter-Library Loans and we may pay and order it for you.

The Universities of Cambridge and Oxford do not supply loans of their theses through Inter-Library Loan but these may be available for personal purchase by contacting them directly.

What can't be requested through ILL?

There are some materials that can't be requested through ILL, including:

  • Material that is only available for purchase from a publisher or organisation
  • Maps
  • DVDs
  • CDs
  • Full issues of a newspaper.

There are also some materials which are difficult to source on Inter-Library Loan, including pre-1900 material, some theses, whole volumes of journals and material held internationally.

Whilst the Inter-Library Loan Team will aim to source these materials, this is not always possible. We will email you to let you know if your request is unsuccessful.