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Books for medicine can be found in both the Main Library and the JF Allen Library. We've tried to split core reading texts between both sites but most other books will be at the Main Library.

The Knowledge Network also has many ebooks.

If you find that we need more copies of books please email me or morebooks and I'll endeavour to get more copies as soon as possible.

Not in the Library?

Can't find what you are looking for in the Library? There are a number of options available:

Get lean library for easier access to eresources

Graphic: Research like a pro with Lean Library! Install the plug-in to unlock free legal access to academic spapers and ebook resources.  Lean Library Technology from Sage.

Ever been stuck behind a paywall for a journal article, newspaper article, or ebook?

Lean Library is a browser add-on that makes it easier to get access to these resources. Land on a webpage where you can't access a resource and Lean Library can give you a link directing you to the full-text version available through the Library subscription, or an open-access version. It saves you time looking for a login button or having to go back to Library Search to look up a title. 

You can install the Lean Library browser add-on in most browser

More information about Lean Library can be found in our guide

Useful Search & Reference Resources

New Books in the Library

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Finding journals

There are three main ways of getting hold of a journal article.

  1. Search the NHS Knowledge network  - best for clinical journals. (NHS Athens authentication)

  2. Search the University of St Andrews (St Andrews authentication - your email login and password.)

  3. If those two steps fail, then you will have to apply for an interlibrary loan. 

Please note that there isn't usually any other way of getting hold of an article. You can try Googling it, but you will nearly always find that it will at some point ask for a password. Often you will see 'The University of St Andrews' at the top of a page or an ATHENS login link but this DOES NOT mean that you will have access, the only way to check is to consult the catalogues of the University or NHS as described in steps 1 or 2 above.

Key Databases for Medicine

NHS Knowledge Network Databases (requires an NHS Athens account.)

University Resources (use normal University login and password).

Other Resources

Subject Guide

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Book an appointment

Book time with Vicki Cormie - please use this link to arrange an online meeting with me.

(If you can't get a full 45-min appointment with me (recommended for looking over your search strategy) then I do have some half-hour slots as well.)

About this guide

The information in this guide is aimed at undergraduate students in the Faculty of Medicine who should all be members of the NHS Knowledge Network. Students from other schools do not have access to this resource but will be able to access the University resources mentioned on this page.

Referencing styles

Make sure you are using the right Style in Word Online to ensure your references are formatted correctly. 

If you want to use the  Harvard St Andrews or Vancouver St Andrews styles you can download them using the link below, to your own PC. Once you've downloaded it you will need to save it in the Styles folder within EndNote on your computer. To do this copy the file that you have downloaded and then on

PC: open File Explorer and paste C:\Program Files (x86)\EndNote 20\Styles  into the search bar and save it there.

Mac: open Finder, open Applications, open Endnote by clicking once, click open the Styles folder and then paste it in there.

The School of Medicine uses Harvard or Vancouver referencing styles.  You can find information about both these styles using the links below: