Medicine: Books


Books for medicine can be found in both the Main Library and the JF Allen Library. We've tried to split core reading texts between both sites but most other books will be at the Main Library.

If you find that we need more copies of books please email Vicki Cormie or morebooks and we'll endeavour to get more copies as soon as possible.

ClinicalKey Student

We have access to ClinicalKey Student which gives access to around 300 Elsevier medical textbooks. 

Please note that you do NOT have to create a personal account to use this service. To login without using one, choose to login in via an institution and enter St Andrews. 

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Quick Start Guide for Students

Quick Start Guide for Staff

How to create an account
How to launch Bookshelf
How to make notes and highlights in Bookshelf
How to create flashcards in Bookshelf
How to use Review Mode in Bookshelf
How to study with ClinicalKey Student
How to use durable URLs and create assignments
How to use the presentation tool

LWW Health Library

The LWW Health Library includes access to over 40 medical textbooks, self-assessment tests and videos. 

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Core texts: electronic books