Referencing Software: Merging separate chapters in Word

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Merging multiple chapters

If you have created separate chapters for your thesis or dissertation and each one has references in created using EndNote then once you are ready to merge them in one final document you will need to take the following steps to ensure your references display properly

  • Open up every chapter you have and in each one choose Convert to unformatted citations button on the EndNote toolbar in Word
  • This will change each of your citations to unformatted citations and you will now see curly brackets around each one
  • Now copy and paste the text from each of your chapters in the order you want them in to a new document
  • Save the document
  • In your new document with all your chapters merged choose Update Citations and Bibliography on the EndNote toolbar in Word. The curly brackets will disappear and the citations will format according to the style you have selected.
  • Your list of references (everything that has been referred to in your document) will appear at the end.

NOTE: It is advisable to make a backup of all your chapters so you have a duplicate copy before following the procedure above.