Referencing Software: Other import methods (including PubMed and Kopernio)

Information about EndNote, Mendeley, RefWorks, Zotero and RefME. Examples of how to use the software and links to training and support.


There are two ways of adding records from PubMed. One is to use the search facility from within EndNote and the other is to export from the PubMed website. 


From within PubMed: This method is best if you have a precise search or a known paper.

  • On the toolbar select the Online Search Mode button: 

Online connection button on PubMed followed by the PubMed database

  • then select PubMed (NLM)
  • perform your search 
  • copy and paste (by using the edit menu or right-clicking) into your Local Library 

Via the website: This method is best if you aren't searching for a particular article.

  • Open your EndNote Library.
  • In your browser, perform your search of PubMed.
  • Mark your selected references.
  • You can export the references directly from the search results or add the references to the PubMed clipboard and then export them from the clipboard.
  • Click the Send to button and select Citation manager.
  • Select the number of references to export in each batch from the Number to send drop-down list. You can export up to 200 references in a batch.
  • If you are exporting multiple batches, select the starting number for the current batch in the Start from citation field.
  • Click the Create File button to begin the export.
  • You may be asked what you want to do with the file. Select the option to open it with EndNote.
  • The references will be imported into the open library.
  • The references will be displayed in the temporary Imported References group.


EndNote Click

EndNote Click is a free browser plugin for Chrome, Opera and Firefox. It helps save time accessing journal articles both those subscribed to by the University and those available open access. You can also use it to import things into your EndNote library.

Use the EndNote Click guide to find out how to download the plugin and how it works with EndNote.


Creating a record from scratch

Sometimes you will have to create a new record from scratch, especially if you want to reference websites.

To do this:

  • from the References toolbar choose New Reference
  • (Important!!) Make sure that the Reference type is set to  the correct type of record, eg Web Page
  • Fill in as many fields as you will need when citing the record