Referencing Software: Importing references from databases and other webpages

Information about EndNote, Mendeley, RefWorks, Zotero and RefME. Examples of how to use the software and links to training and support.

Importing references from databases and other webpages

EndNote from databases

To import from databases select the article(s) you want to import and then look for the instructions to export them either explicitly to EndNote, or by choosing an option that says something like DirectExport, or RIS export or export to a bibliographic software manager. 

Opening EndNote download files

Browsers work differently in the way they handle downloaded files. If you aren't sure about how to open a downloaded file of references, see section 2.3 in the The Little EndNote How-To Book below.

Importing from Library Search

To import individual items from the results in Library Search click on the Export to Endnote button as shown below:

Screenshot - export to Endnote

Find the downloaded file this generates and then open it to import it into EndNote

This doesn't always work, so if you get EndNote asking you to choose which database the result is coming from then try clicking on the title of the book or article and then Exporting from the next page. 

Importing from WorldCat

Screenshot - import to EndNote

Using EndNote with Google Scholar

To enable the Import into EndNote option into Google Scholar 

Click on the three bars at the top of the left of the screen and then the cog to enter the settings: 

Change the Bibliography manager settings to: 

Now when you search EndNote you will get the option of importing references into EndNote.