Medicine: resources for Postgraduates: Systematic reviewing and other useful information

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Finding Theses


This page was created from work carried out by Dr Daniel Rudolf who worked in the University Library in the summer of 2014. 

Keeping up to date

There are a number of ways of keeping up-to-date with information in your field. These include:

  • Cited reference searching:  is a feature offered by several databases (e.g. Web of Science and Scopus). It allows you to find the original citations from an article as well as articles that have cited a particular work.
  • Alerts are services that are also provided by many databases. You can set them up to notify you via e-mail as soon as a preassigned article is being cited in a new publication or one of your previously saved searches produces a new result.
  • RSS-Feeds are automated services that check specific online resources for changes and notify you about them immediately. You can use online web pages of feed reader apps to use them. 


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Systematic Reviews

There are many useful resources available if you are about to embark on a systematic review. Here are a few to get you started: