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Open Access : Introduction

Introduction to open access publishing and how to find open access resources

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Open Access Blog

This blog from St Andrews University Library aims to keep you informed about open access issues and developments.

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Library support for Open Access

We have staff in the Library who can and answer queries and provide support for Open Access and related service including Research Data Management, St Andrews Research Repository, Pure, Open Journal Systems, and electronic theses.

We offer training through CAPOD,Gradskills, and one to one sessions. We can also arrange to visit schools to offer tailored support sessions if requested.

See Library web pages for research support services and how to contact the teams.

What is Open Access?

Open access (OA) in this context means research literature that can be freely accessed by anyone in the world via the internet so that it can be used without licensing restrictions for research, teaching or other purposes.

Copyright holders control the right to permit open access and have the right to be properly acknowledged.

Open access is entirely consistent with the highest standards of quality, and all the major OA intitiatives insist on the importance of peer review..

Essential reading: Open Access Overview by Peter Suber


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What are the benefits of Open Access

Open access to research increases its visibility, reaching a wider audience and therefore increasing its potential for:

  • Greater citation
  • Enhancing reputation
  • Attracting potential collaborators
  • Compliance with funder requirements
  • Sharing knowledge from publicly funded research.

As well as benefits to individuals and the University, there is a strong argument that “Free and open access to the outputs of publicly-funded research offers significant social and economic benefits as well as aiding the development of new research.” (RCUK Policy on Open Access and Supporting Guidance).

The open access movement has been growing for over 10 years, with many organisations committing to achieving widespread OA. See more about funders' Open Access policies

Further reading: Budapest Open Access Initiative: Recommendations for the next 10 years




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