Film Studies: Newspapers for Film Studies

Subject guide to library resources for Film Studies

The Library provides digital access to many current and historical newspapers. These can be useful useful for reviews of films and to give an insight into cultural and social issues.


Below are the key newspaper collections available for Film Studies. Additional information about newspapers can be found on the general newspaper guide

Archival Newspapers and Periodicals

The following newspaper titles are available: 

  • Archives Unbound
  • British Library Newspapers
  • China and the Modern World
  • Daily Mail Historical Archive
  • Nineteenth Century Collections Online
  • Nineteenth Century UK Periodicals
  • Picture Post Historical Archive 1938-1957
  • 17th and 18th Century Burney Newspapers Collection
  • The Listener Historical Archive 1929-1991
  • The Economist Historical Archive
  • The Illustrated London News Historical Archive (1842-2003)
  • The Making of the Modern World
  • The Telegraph Historical Archive
  • The Times Digital Archive
  • The Times Literary Supplement Historical Archive.

The following newspaper and periodical titles are available:

  • American Periodicals 1740-1940
  • British Periodicals 1681-1939
  • Chinese Newspaper Collection 1832-1953
  • Communist Historical Newspapers (1919-2013)
  • The Guardian & Observer 1791-2003
  • The Irish Times and The Weekly Irish Times (1859-2020)
  • Los Angeles Times (1881-1997)
  • The New York Times (1851-2018)
  • The Scotsman (1817-1950)
  • The Times of India (1838-2010)


Current newspapers