Scan and Deliver: Bringing the Library to your inbox

How to use the Library's Scan and Deliver service - get journal articles or 10% of a work sent straight to your email

Overview of the service

If you only require 10% of a book (typically one chapter) or 1 article in a journal issue from items held in the Main Library, Martyrs, Walter Bower House  we can scan this for you. Alongside these items you will see a “Request scan” button for you to submit your request.

(Note that if you require a whole book or journal we are unable to scan this due to copyright reasons)

If you need a whole book held in the Main Library, Martyrs, Walter Bower House please use the "Click and Collect" option to request the book.

Who can use this service?

The Scan and Deliver service is freely available to all staff and students.

What can be requested?

  • One article from any one issue of a journal
  • Book chapter or 10% of a work
  • 10% of a newspaper
  • 10% of printed music
  • A poem from an anthology

What is the Scan and Deliver Service?

For items held in the Main Library, Martyrs, Walter Bower House you can now request to have a scan sent to your email. For example

For each request supported by a declaration form, we can provide a scan of:

a) one article from any one issue of a journal, or 

b) up to 10% of a book e.g. a chapter 

However, some material is a little trickier and would fall outwith these parameters, e.g.

  • books made up of multiple individual works e.g. anthologies of poems or collections of short stories
  • photographic books
  • atlases
  • items too fragile or brittle for scanning

We will let you know if your request cannot be fulfilled for whatever reason, and will supply the print copy as an alternative.

Example of the types of material held at Walter Bower House Library

                        Picture of Library Store material

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