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Our collection of online, print and manuscript maps.

Manuscript and pre 1900 printed maps

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Pre 1900 and manuscript maps are held in Special Collections


Older maps and those within manuscript collections are held in Special Collections. Although some manuscript maps appear on the online archive catalogue, many are uncatalogued, so please contact Special Collections for information about specific items.

There is also a paper catalogue for our map collection which can be found in the Reference collection

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Please ask at the Library Service Desk for help.

Contact Special Collections to organise a time to consult pre1900 maps. Access to certain maps will require advance notice.


Digimap provides online maps and geospatial data. It consists of two applications, one for viewing, annotating and printing maps online (choose the Roam option) and one which allows you to download data and load it into a GIS or CAD package (choose the Data Download option)

​We have access to the following Digimap Databases


Digimap OS - Ordnance Survey Maps of Great Britain

Roam Quick Guide

Data Download Quick Guide

Digimap Environment Image

Digimap EnvironmentLand Cover Maps of Great Britain & Northern Ireland from

Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH)

Roam Quick Guide

Data Download Quick Guide

Digimap Marine

Digimap Marinespatial data and marine charts for the waters around Great Britain

Roam Quick Guide

Data Download Quick Guide

Historic Digimap - a range of historical OS mapping data from 1843 to 1996

Ancient Roam

How to use Historic Download

Geology Digimap - onshore and offshore BGS mapping data products


Geology Roam

How to use Geology Download

Aerial Digimap - aerial imagery from Getmapping


Aerial Roam

How to use Aerial Download

Lidar Digimap - Lidar data from UK Government Agencies

How to use Lidar Download


Getting Started

Watch this Introductory Video to Digimap Roam using the Ordnance Survey Collection

NLS Georeferencer Pilot

An interesting interactive project

Here is information about this pilot from

"This pilot application offers an easy and enjoyable way to georeference historical maps, so that they can be displayed as an overlay in Google Earth and the Google Earth browser plug-in."

Freely available resources

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