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A guide for Postgraduate Students on the International Education Masters or TESOL Masters programmes with the International Education Institute. Information about Library services and support for on and off-campus students, and the resources recommended


This guide supports Postgraduate International Education and TESOL students in the International Education Institute (IEI).  It provides information about the Library resources, services and support for your modules, and your research.

If you experience any problems getting access to what you need,  or would like any help using the resources then please contact the Library.  See the contact information in the Services tab, or see the Librarian box, I'll be happy to answer any of your Library related questions.

Reading Lists

Your module reading lists provide guidance on the recommended resources.

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Contact me

Get in touch with me if you :

  • need help with searching for / logging into the e-books, journal articles and other resources you need
  • need help with choosing which databases are best for your subject
  • have questions about referencing and referencing software
  • have questions about the services the Library offers.