How to register and access FT.com

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Step 1 - Use the University Subscription to Register

To  get access to  FT.com you need to register using the University's subscription.

Don't use the "Subscribe" option on the FT.com homepage, this is for individual subscribers only.

You'll find the subscription for FT.com on the A-Z Databases List  or you can access the link here.

This will take you to the University of St Andrews login page where you enter your university email address, then your password

Step 2: Create an account on FT.com

You need to use your @st-andrews.ac.uk email address to register.

Once you've signed in via the SSO page, you're taken to the Welcome to FT.com page:

Complete the registration form.

FT.com registration page
Picture of registration screen




  • use your @st-andrews.ac.uk email address



  • your password must be at least 6 characters, letters and numbers only


  • Complete all fields marked *


  • Read the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Cookies Policy, and tick the box "I confirm that I have read and agreed to...."


  • By default the box confirming you all FT.com to contact you is selected, if you want to opt-out untick the box


  • Click Join

Step 3: Confirmation email

You'll receive a confirmation email from FT.com.  If this goes to your Junk folder you'll need to add ft.com to safe contacts if you opted to receive any email notifications when you registered

Picture of email notification