How to register and access FT.com

How to register to use FT.com

To  get access to  FT.com you need to register using the University's subscription.

Don't use the "Subscribe" option on the FT.com homepage, this is for individual subscribers only.

You'll find the subscription for FT.com on the A-Z Databases List  or you can access the link here.

  • enter your university email address and click "Next"
  • Click the SSO sign in option
  • You're taken to the University of St Andrews single sign on where you login with your university email address and password, see the video below:

First time users will be asked to create an account:

  1. Provide your university email address
  2. Provide your first and last name
  3. From the Occupation drop-down menu choose "Student" or if you are staff choose "Faculty/Other"
  4. You are required to enter a phone number, we recommend you enter 12345  
  5. There are terms and conditions to accept
  6. Click "Next"
  7. This is followed by a range of toggle on/off options for email notifications for different types of content, you can choose to skip these or complete the pages, then click "Finish"
  8. You'll receive a Welcome email from FT.com along with any of the daily/weekly digests you have chosen at step 7.

If you find you are receiving too many emails from FT.com or want to amend you preferences you can do this at any point by clicking "settings and account" on the FT.com webpage, logging in, then choosing "Contact preferences".