Theses: How to submit your thesis (Key information)

How to submit your final Library copy

  1. You will receive an email from Registry (Postgraduate Research) advising you that you are authorized to make your submission, and giving instructions
  2. Login to MySaint    
  3. Navigate to the Thesis preparation and examination (PGR) tasks section 
  4. Choose to take the Submit my final thesis (registration step) task. This task will take you to the Repository registration page 
  5. On the Repository registration page enter your St Andrews username and password into the two boxes at the top of the display [steps 5-10 can be seen in the video above]
  6. Ignore the blue Login button and instead move to the bottom two boxes on the screen 
  7. You must enter a long-term email address into the Preferred contact email box. This enables us to contact you after your St Andrews email address has expired, for example, to ask you about any future access queries
  8. Enter details of your school/department/research institute into the final box. This enables us to assign your thesis to the correct repository collection(s) 
  9. Now click on the Register button at the bottom of the screen which will send your registration details to the Library E-Theses Team 
  10. Log out of the St Andrews Research Repository and await a confirmation email that your registration has been successful. You will not be able to continue with your submission until you receive confirmation that you’ve registered. We will complete your registration and send confirmation to you as soon as we can, usually within one working day. 
  11. You will receive a confirmation email advising you to make your submission into the Library Theses collection. Once your submission is complete, the Library E-Theses Team will move your submission to the appropriate collection.
  12. Login to MySaint and navigate to the Thesis preparation and examination (PGR) tasks section 
  13. Choose the Submit my final thesis (submission step) task. This task will take you to the Repository login page 
  14. Fill in the two top boxes with your St Andrews username and password and then click on the Login button 
  15. Go to the right-hand Browse menu and choose Submissions under My Account 
  16. On the Submissions page select Library Theses collection from the drop-down menu 
  17. Fill in as many details as you can about your thesis. For example you will be able to provide subject keywords to describe your work more fully 
  18. Upload all required files. You need to upload at least two files (1) a PDF of your thesis and (2) the file that you created your PDF from, for example, Microsoft Word, LaTeX etc. You also need to upload redacted versions if these are required because of copyright issues or partial embargo. Supplementary data should also be uploaded here. See the Thesis LibGuide for further help on the files required, file-naming conventions and for examples of file description labels.  [If you have any problems uploading your files, please see the Alternative method for uploading large files section in this LibGuide.]
  19. Remember that the research data underpinning your thesis should be deposited in Pure and not in the Repository. You should have received relevant information already from the Research Data Management team.  For questions contact the team at See the guidance on data underpinning theses for further help 
  20. You are given the choice to attach a Creative Commons licence to your work if you wish to. See the Copyright and theses guidance document for further details about the options available for Creative Commons licences 
  21. For the final step, you are required to grant the Deposit Licence to submit your work into the repository 
  22. At any time before you complete your submission you can save it and come back to it later.  Choose Save and Exit at the bottom of the screen to suspend your submission.  You can return to it by returning to the Repository.  Login again, navigate to submissions again and on the Submissions and Workflow tasks page click on the title of your submission. On the Item Submission page scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Resume

Submitting a thesis

These requirements apply to post-examination submissions of the final Library copy for the following degrees:

DEng Doctor of Engineering
DLang Doctor of Languages
MD Doctor of Medicine
MFA Master of Fine Arts
MPhil Master of Philosophy
PhD Doctor of Philosophy


Electronic submission of the final Library copy is now made directly into the St Andrews Research Repository.  Students will be able to follow the relevant links in MySaint which will direct them to register and submit into the repository. 

In addition to the final Library copy in PDF format, students are also expected to submit an additional final copy in the original file format, for example in Microsoft Word. This new requirement is to help the University to digitally preserve our research theses, now that they are in electronic-only format.

Submissions of final Library copies into the Repository will go through checks by Registry staff and the Library E-Theses Team.  At every stage of the process students will be given guidance and will be advised as to the progress of their submissions.

Please follow the detailed instructions under the 'How to submit your final Library copy' heading.


Examination copies and other degrees:

MPhil/PhD students (examination copy) should submit their thesis for examination (including for re-submission) through Moodle

MSc(Res)/MSt(Res) students should submit their thesis in MMS.

Further information on the examination process is available from:

Register for repository

Follow the demo carefully to complete steps 5-10 of 'How to submit your final Library copy'