Theses: How to submit your thesis

Submitting a thesis


In light of the Covid-19 outbreak, Research students (excluding MSc(Res)/MSt(Res) students) will now be able to submit their theses electronically through Moodle. You will be able to use the facility in Moodle both for submission of copies for examination (including theses submitted for resubmission) and for submission for final copies. For further information, please see the Guidelines for students: Electronic thesis submission during Covid-19 outbreak page. If you have any queries, please contact the PGR team via .


The submission process for the final examined version of your thesis is comprised of two steps:

  1. The submission of the full text of your thesis to Registry (Postgraduate Research)
  2. The submission of your thesis details to the St Andrews Research Repository - this is where the electronic copy of your thesis will be stored, and visible online to the world, (subject to any embargoes that you apply).


Within the University's Policies, procedure and guidance documents, the Assessment of PGRs documents provide detailed information. The Academic matters for current postgraduates webpage provides additional help on submission of theses both for pre-examination and for final copies post-examination. See the section headed Theses. Some background information as to how the current policies and requirements is given in the Electronic publication of MPhil and PhD theses letter.

These requirements apply to submissions for the following degrees:

DEng Doctor of Engineering
DLang Doctor of Languages
MD Doctor of Medicine
MFA Master of Fine Arts
MPhil Master of Philosophy
PhD Doctor of Philosophy


How to submit your final examined version : Electronic copy

  1. Submit an electronic copy of the final examined version of your thesis via Moodle as per the guidelines on the Electronic submission during the Covid-19 outbreak webpage.
  2. Once the Registry (Postgraduate Research) team has receipted and checked the electronic copy of your thesis you will receive an email from the repository e-theses team inviting you to register with the St Andrews Research Repository. The email will give full instructions on how to proceed and guidance is also available on the registration page.
  3. Please note that you will need to wait for an acknowledgement of your registration before you can proceed further. We will process registrations within one working day.
  4. You will be asked to submit information about your thesis, including author, supervisor, funder and grant number details, plus title, abstract and subject keywords, (subject to any embargo on the title and abstract).
  5. Please do not submit the full text of your thesis online into the Repository. This will be added, subject to any restrictions in place, by Library staff using the electronic copy that you have already submitted, after administrative checks have been completed.

For more help on how to submit your e-thesis see this GRADskills presentation: Depositing an electronic thesis and the Electronic theses factsheet.


For detailed help on how to prepare to use the online tasks you need to complete in MySaint before you submit for examination then please consult the Guidance for submission of theses document. It will help you to prepare to answer questions about embargo, copyright, research data and funder information when you are ready to create your thesis declaration. The appendices give you useful templates to use for funder acknowledgements and show how to cite underpinning research data.


For more information on copyright issues with regard to electronic theses, please consult the Copyright for theses factsheet, Copyright 101 presentation and the Copyright and theses guidance document.

How to submit your final examined version : Print copy


As only the electronic copy of your thesis is needed at this time, the following information does not apply during the Covid-19 outbreak, but is included for information purposes. 

Once the outbreak is over, you will be notified of any changes on how to submit your thesis.


  1. Only one bound copy should be submitted.
  2. The usual requirement for the colour of the Library's copy of a thesis is black, (dark blue or maroon will also be accepted). Candidate's own copies can be any colour. The thesis should be in hard case binding, the front cover should bear the title of the thesis and candidate's name in 14pt type. The spine, reading from top to bottom, should give the type of award, the name of the candidate, and the year of graduation in 18pt type. e.g. Ph.D.   J. SMITH   2007.

More information about binding.

Administrative checks will be carried out to ensure that both print and electronic copies have been submitted within a given period of time. We suggest that you submit both copies (print and electronic on CD) at the same time.



If you have any questions, please email: