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Academic Searching Tips

Top tips for better search results


Too many results

  • narrow your search by adding additional terms (these are linked with AND)
  • use phrases, enclose your phrase in quotation marks "" - e.g. “dramatic monologue” 
  • limit by date, language, part of record (title, for example)

Too few results 

  • widen your search by using related concepts and alternative words (these are linked with OR) – eg traged* or melodrama
  • try removing phrases

Use Thesauri 

  • some databases have a thesaurus or subject index, use them to make sure you are using the right terms

Time saving tips

  • truncation –  eg melanchol* for melancholy, melancholic, melancholia (to retrieve words beginning with … )
  • wildcards – eg colo?r for colour & color

Not in the Library?

Can't find what you are looking for in the Library? There are a number of options available:

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Off Campus Access

Not living in halls or away from St Andrews? Our guide to Remote Access will help you connect with ebooks, databases and journals from off-campus.