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A guide to self-help resources held by the Library

About Shelf Help

If you or someone close to you is going through a difficult time or coping with a condition or stressor, sometimes reading about these situations can help. The University Library together with Student Services and the University Occupational Health team have brought together a selection of books under common themes for you. These books and resources are available to borrow from the Library or read online.

What you borrow from the Library is completely confidential. For help finding a book, please ask our friendly staff at the Main Library Service Desk.

Student Services (01334 462720) and Occupational Health (01334 462752) staff are here for you if you would like someone to talk to.

Advice and information


Student Services is here to ensure that your experience as a student is as successful and fulfilling as possible.

If you are feeling confused, lonely, upset or just a little out of sorts, or if you are supporting family members or friends who are going though a difficult time, Student Services is here for you.

Call us: 01334 462020


Book online:

Visit: drop in to the ASC (79 North Street) or Eden Court (The Scores)



The role of Occupational Health is to provide impartial advice and support to all staff.

To contact Janey Watt (Occupational Health Advisor) or Dr Reed (Occupational Health Physician), please phone directly on

extension 2752. If Janey has a consultation her phone will be on divert to the Unit Secretaries on extension 2750.

Alternatively, you can email : or


If you have a book suggestion for our Shelf Help series, or have any questions about accessing any of the books and

information listed, please get in touch with the University Library.

T: 01334 46 2331/2