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Welcome to the ScotGEM Library guide. Key resources are on this page and more specialist resources on the tabs above. 

Core reading for Year One

Use your University login to access these resources (it is sometimes called your institutional or Shibboleth login.)


There are three places to locate journal titles. Please make sure that you sign in using the correct authentication. 

NHS Knowledge network  - best for clinical journals. (NHS Athens authentication)

University of St Andrews -  (St Andrews Shibboleth authentication)

University of Dundee (Dundee Shibboleth authentication)


Get lean library for easier access to eresources

Graphic: Research like a pro with Lean Library! Install the plug-in to unlock free legal access to academic spapers and ebook resources.  Lean Library Technology from Sage.

Ever been stuck behind a paywall for a journal article, newspaper article, or ebook?

Lean Library is a browser add-on that makes it easier to get access to these resources. Land on a webpage where you can't access a resource and Lean Library can give you a link directing you to the full-text version available through the Library subscription, or an open-access version. It saves you time looking for a login button or having to go back to Library Search to look up a title. 

You can install the Lean Library browser add-on in most browser

More information about Lean Library can be found in our guide

Quick Search: University of Dundee

Use Quick Search to find books, journals and articles available through the University of Dundee.

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