Photographic collections: Scottish Photographers 1839-1870

Scottish Photographers 1839-1870

This online resource is designed as a way in to the subject of Scottish photography in its early and notably dynamic years.


In partnership with Dr Sara Stevenson, Photographic Historian and retired Chief Curator of Photography of the National Galleries of Scotland, the University of St Andrews Special Collections Division is able to provide this extensive biographical resource featuring over 1400 photographers who contributed to the first thirty years of photographic practice in Scotland from 1839 to 1870.


The definition of ‘Scottish’ used here is a broad one, and so this resource features photographers, who lived and worked in Scotland; photographers, who began life in Scotland and migrated abroad; photographers who came to Scotland from the outside world and made work here.


The creation of this resource was dependent on research into the subject in recent decades by a range of contributors. Detailed research into Scottish photography was undertaken by Julie Lawson in the National Galleries of Scotland, when the Scottish Photography Archive was first set up in 1984. Her work is, therefore, the essential foundation of this project. Since leaving the National Galleries of Scotland, Dr Stevenson has worked on expanding this initial biographical listing.


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