Management: Financial Data

Financial Data


Use Bloomberg to find financial data, including equities, fixed income, indices, commodities, and currencies. Bloomberg has data on more than 5 million bonds, equities, commodities, currencies & funds. 

Bloomberg is available on an individual terminal with a specialist keyboard and not situated within the Main Library. Please contact the library (  ) in advance of you wishing to use it 

Note: the Bloomberg terminal has monthly download limits that are strictly enforced by Bloomberg and it is therefore important that you do not systematically download data..  The data limits will automatically reset on the first of the month.You should always check whether Datastream has the data you need prior to using Bloomberg as there are fewer restrictions on downloads.



Datastream - current and historical financial information. Financial market data includes equities, bonds, options, futures
Includes exchange rates and interest rates and also Economic Data

Accessing Datastream

Datastream is installed on PC's on level 2 of the library and NOT available online.

 On the Datastream PC's access the software by opening up Microsoft Excel and clicking on the Datastream tab along the top.


S&P Global Market Intelligence

This is a useful database for M&A data. This database only works with INTERNET EXPLORER