Management: Company Information

Company Profiles

Business Source Premier provides access to company profiles for the world's 5,000 largest companies. The company profiles provide an overview of the company, key facts, history of the company, products and services, a list of top competitors and details of locations and subsidiaries. They also contain a SWOT or PESTLE analysis.

Once you are in Business Source Premier select the the Company Profiles button on the toolbar at the top of the screen.

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Market Research

Logo Passport has market intelligence on companies and markets in many counties.This database can be useful if you want to find out more about the market your company sits within e.g. market share, products, key trends and forecasts.



Marketing/Advertising Strategies

Logo WARC (World Advertising Research Centre) is a database which provides case studies of successful advertising campaigns and marketing strategies by a range of companies. 
Enter the name of the company in the search box at the top of the screen to find case studies, conference papers and other information relating to the company you are interested in. Note: WARC focuses on the companies with the most successful strategies and also companies demonstrating key trends in marketing and advertising.

Company Reports

Most companies provide access to their annual report on their own website. If you can't find the annual report there are a number of free sites which allow access to a selection of reports.

    • The Annual Reports Service
      A freely available website. Allows you to request annual reports for selected companies.
    • Northcote
      Freely available listed company information including Financial Reports, Webcasts & Press Releases
    • Edgar
      U.S. companies file registration statements, and periodic reports through EDGAR ( U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission). You can access and download the information free of charge from the databas


Directories can be a useful place to start when you are looking for information on a company. The information in a directory can vary but you usually get some or all of the following:

  • Name, address, phone numbers
  • Short profiles for each company
  • Corporate information on leading companies including financial information
  • Products and services offered by companies.

The following directories are available online:

  • Companies House: Records of all UK private and public companies. You can access two on-line databases free of charge. (a) List of disqualified directors (b) company name & address index, (with basic company information)
  • electronic yellow pages allows you to search 1.7 million UK businesses. You can search by classification, company name and location.
  • Kompass: The Kompass web site provides information on 1.5 Million Companies, 23 Million services / products and 400,000 trade and brand names in over 60 Countries. Search by product or Company details. Kompass is an excellent source of information particularly in the area of trade and brand names. Note we don't have access to the full database
  • Europages: A European Business Directory listing 500,000 companies in 33 European Countries. You can search the directory by product or service, by company name or business sector.

Finding articles on Companies

Specialist Databases like Business Source Premier have a specific index for companies which helps ensure you get more focused results.Change the option in the field box (next to the search box) to Company Entity.

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Finding Case Studies

There are a number of ways of finding case studies.


Many textbooks will include case studies. 

If you have found a book which includes case studies then click on the title in your results list to see the full record. In the subject field you will find a link to other books on case studies in the area. For example, a book on nonprofit management has the following subject headings. Clicking on these will take you to a list of other similar books.

Picture of search results


Some journals include case studies. If you are searching a journal database or searching within a journal then try entering the company name in to the search box and also the words" case study". 

The Harvard Business Review is one example of a journal which includes case studies. 



Some case studies are available free online. If you are using one of these then you must make sure it is from a credible source. Look who has authored the case study and at the methodology they have used to help you make a judgement. Professional bodies (e.g. CIPD), Government websites (e.g. Health and Saftey Executive) and the company's own website are all places you can look.

Company Financials

The University subscribes to a number of financial databases and you can find out more by clicking the financial data tab at the top of this subject guide. If you only require small amounts of data and require current figures then these can be obtained either from the Factiva database mentioned below or via the Markets Data section in the


This database includes information for 31,000 companies

Choose the Companies/Markets button on the Factiva toolbar

Picture of Factiva toolbar

When you search for a company you will be presented with a company snapshot giving you an overview of the company. Click the links on the snapshop to find more targeted data such as 5 year key financial reports