New resources for academic year 2021/22: Gale Digital Scholar Lab

Introduction to the Gale Digital Scholar Lab

Digital Scholar Lab is a digital humanities tool that allows you to explore our Gale primary source databases in more detail and is designed to help you analyse and visualise historical texts

This resources is only available until summer 2022 and will then be reviewed. We would be interested in working with researchers who may find such a tool helpful so that we have a better understanding of the benefits it might bring. Please do get in touch with us by e-mailing

Access the Digital Scholar Lab


Collections available for searching

The Digital Scholar Lab is only available to use on the primary resources we have available on the Gale platform and not on all online library resources. You can choose to analyse text in 1 or more of the following resources:

Find out more about the Digital Scholar Lab

Gale has provided some useful sources to help support you in your use of this new tool. This includes

  • videos on how to use the tool
  • details of the types of analysis that can be performed
  • sample projects so you can see how others have used the tool
  • FAQ
  • user guidelines

All of these are available via the Digital Scholar Lab Learning Center