Covid-19: Online Resources: Free Resources

Here are some good places to start when looking for free resources. is a great place to look for older material online with millions of books, films, movies, software and websites.

Google Books

Google Books is another good place to look for older material. There are many full text books available although be warned that many books aren't complete. 

Search for OA books

See a list of open access books published by Open Book Publishers, Open Humanities Press and others.

Search the OAPEN Online Library: The OAPEN Library contains the full text of peer reviewed OA books which are 'free to read' online.

Search for open access books below in the Directory of Open Access Books. DOAB is a discovery services that points to OA books that can be found elsewhere. All books listed in DOAB have a full OA licence, making them 'free to share'.


Search CORE

Search the CORE database, currently with over 135 million indexed articles with over 11 million full texts

Search BASE for open access documents

BASE (Bielefeld University Search Engine) for academic open access web resources, indexing over 120 million documents. Try this search to explore some OA material now!

Find e-theses

Many institutions now provide archives of electronic theses, and a large number are open access.