Inter-Library Loans

How to make requests for books, journal articles and theses.


Each interlibrary loan costs the Library an average of £15, however the Library provides a quota of Inter-Library Loans for University staff and students per Academic year that are provided free of charge. If you use your quota of free loans, there will be a charge per request for the supply of subsequent loans or renewals.

PLEASE NOTE: that there is a £1 fine PER DAY for each overdue item and a charge of £4 to renew a loan.

Inter-Library Loan Allocations

Staff and students of the university have a quota of inter-library loans which are provided free of charge in each academic year. Details are outlined below:

Category of User

Number of Free ILLs per academic year




Further inter-library loans will be charged at £3/request

Postgraduate Taught


Further inter-library loans will be charged at £3/request

Postgraduate Researchers


If the Library is concerned about resourcing the number of requests made by an individual user, we will work with them to identify priorities



As above

Retired staff (excepting Honorary and Emeritus staff who retain full academic staff privileges)


£15 per request or more if the cost to the Library is greater. This is comparable to the cost of ILLs from the National Library of Scotland or public library service

Admin/Professional Services staff


£15 per request or more if the cost to the Library is greater, unless directly supporting the research activities of the University

External users


£15 per request or more if the cost to the Library is greater.

Visiting Scholars


Review on a case by case basis, taking advice from Academic Liaison and the relevant School

Student Societies and groups affiliated with the University


£5 per request or more if the cost to the Library is greater

The Library recognises the need for flexibility and is happy to review requests on a case by case basis with input from our Academic Liaison Team. Where we are concerned about the cost of a request (e.g. international requests which cost more than £100) we may have a further discussion with the requester.

Uncollected requests

Fulfilled Inter-Library Loan requests which are not collected will be subject to a non-collection charge of £10.

Once a request has been fulfilled, if the requested item is not collected or consulted within 1 month a charge will be applied to your library record.


Books must be returned by the date shown on the date slip within the book. Should you wish to renew your book, please contact the ILL Team at least a week before the due date to check the feasibility of this with the supplying library.

Items borrowed through ILL may be subject to recall, so please do not take ILLs away during holiday or semester breaks.

Fines of £1 per day are charged for all overdue items. Any charges incurred as a result of late returns or lost and damaged items have to be met by the Library user. You will be invoiced by the Library for any replacement costs.

Lost Inter-Library Loans

The Library is charged for ILLs lost by our users. We will pass on this charge, plus any administration costs to the user.

University of St Andrews students can pay fines online by logging in to Your Library Record from the Library or SAULCAT.