Inter-Library Loans

How to make requests for books, journal articles and theses.

Requesting Journal Articles

Journal articles are usually delivered to you from the British Library in electronic format via email.

However, if you would rather have a photocopy of an article, please specify this on the form.

BLDSS/On Demand

The first time you use the service you will have to register with BLDSS/On Demand - Register for On Demand’. 

You can only use the service with Adobe Reader 10 (or above). If your machine is configured to open another PDF reader you will need to turn this option off and use Adobe Reader 10 to be able to gain access to your ILLs. 

You may only print the article off once. 

The article is not automatically saved and you must click ‘File>Save As’ and name it to a drive or memory stick to save it. 

You have 30 days to open and download the document and then access to the document for 3 years. It is recommended that you download the item onto the device(s) that you want to read the item on. They will be able to be read by your normal PDF viewer. 

Once the item has expired you will no longer be able to access it.

For more information see the FAQ page.