Online reading lists - info for staff

Guidance for teaching staff on creating and editing online lists for their modules

Requesting digitisations

You can place requests to have chapters and articles from print works scanned and made available via your reading list.

Requesting digitisations via your reading lists ensures they are copyright compliant.

Before placing a digitisation request, please note:
The University’s copyright licence has a number of restrictions on what can be scanned (summarised on this copyright page). The main things to be aware of are: 

  • There is a maximum length of extract from a work that can be scanned: one chapter/article or 10% of the total work, whichever is greater;
  • Not every work can be scanned from – you can check whether a work is covered by the licence using the online tool at ;
  • The Library must hold a print copy of the work to be scanned from (if necessary we can order one – or an e-equivalent: contact us at



Once the reading has been scanned and uploaded it will be available via a VIEW ONLINE button next to the item: