Online reading lists - info for staff

Guidance for teaching staff on creating and editing online lists for their modules

Populating your list

This page covers basic steps for adding resources, notes and text to your list:

Adding resources

Adding bookmarks to your list just takes a couple of clicks:

Note: If you want to quickly rearrange the order of readings you can use the Move arrow Image of move arrow icon - description followsto click and drag bookmarks.

Any items you add won’t be visible to students until you publish your list.

Search box

Please be aware that the Search tool at the top of the Add Resource pop-up window has very limited functionality.

You can use it to add bookmarks you'd created previously or books not currently available in the Library (make sure to request that we order these).

**Important** DO NOT use it to try to add books on the Library catalogue - that functionality is not currently available.

Adding notes

Once you’ve added bookmarks to your list you can add notes to give your class further information about readings or to pass requests on to the Library.

If you add any notes they will appear on your list like this:

Adding text

Any kind of text - from a simple note to a numbered or bullet list (e.g. of tutorial questions) - can be inserted using the 'Add Parargraph' option.

Use formatting tools for a clearer layout:

Any changes you make won’t be visible to students until you publish your list.