Online reading lists - info for staff: e-books

Guidance for teaching staff on creating and editing online lists for their modules

Add an e-book to your list

Adding e-books to a list follows more or less exactly the same process as for print books. This video guide will walk you through the basics, with more detailed info in the step-by-step instructions below.

Guides on bookmarking when the Library has both print and e-book versions of a title and on how to bookmark chapters in e-books which have a specific DOI. appear further below.

Add an e-book to your list - step-by-step instructions

Step 1

Search on SAULCAT for the book you want to add.

Open the full record for the book (as pictured) and click the Add to My Bookmarks button in the browser toolbar.
e-book SAULCAT

Step 2

This opens a page with two frames: the left hand section displays the metadata for the book, while the SAULCAT page you 'bookmarked' is on the right.

You may well need to edit the metadata when bookmarking e-books. In many cases the publisher/supplier often is listed as an author – click Remove to delete this field.

To add the e-book to your list click the Create & Add to List button.

A pop-up box will now open, as below.

e-book bookmark
Create and add pop-up

Step 3

In the Create & Add to List pop-up...

The list you're working on should already be selected in the Add to list box.

If you created a structure for your list, you can choose which section to add your book to from the drop-down menu, otherwise it will be added to the bottom of the list.

If you want to add an instruction for the class or a comment about the book (e.g. 'Read: Chapter 1', 'A useful overview') you can enter this in the Note for student box.


If you wish, you can indicate an importance level (Suggested for student purchase, Essential, Recommended or Optional) from the Importance drop-down menu.

You can also pass on information to the Library (e.g. 'Please purchase two additional print copies') via the Note for Library box. You will need to request a review when you publish the list to forward this information to the Library.

Once you click OK the bookmark will be saved to your list and you can return to SAULCAT to search for the next book you want to add. 

Step 4

To view e-books you've added to your list, return to the browser tab for your list and refresh the page.

The Online Resource button will take students directly to the full text of the e-book.

Online Resource

Bookmarking when the Library has both print and e-book versions of a work

You may simply decide to add the two versions in two separate bookmarks. These would display like this:Print and e- bookmarks

A neater solution is to have one combined bookmark, as described in this video.


Bookmarking chapters in e-books

In most cases you won’t be able to link directly to individual chapters in e-books, however some publishers, including CUP and OUP provide DOIs for each chapter in many of their e-books and these can be bookmarked using a DOI look-up tool.