Online reading lists - info for staff: Adding items

Guidance for teaching staff on creating and editing online lists for their modules

Adding items to your list

Video and step-by-step guides on other pages will take you through the specifics of adding the following types of material to your lists (access them through these links or from the menu in this tab):

Add to My Bookmarks button

Two methods for adding items

There are two ways you can add items to your list. The videos and step-by-step guides on these pages cover one method using the Create & Add to List button option.

Another method, using the Create button works equally well and can be used if you prefer. It can be a useful way for you to gather readings you plan to use when compiling lists at a later date.

The videos to the right demonstrate the two methods. The examples refer to adding a book to a list, but the basic principles apply to all types of materials.    

Create buttons

Adding items using the Create & Add to List button

If you've already set up an outline list you can use this method to add items directly into the sections you created.

Adding items using the Create button

This method creates a bookmark for an item, but doesn't add it to a list. You can do this separately by dragging and dropping it into a list, or you can simply use it to accumulate bookmarks for resources you're considering using for future modules.