International Relations: Area Studies

Area Studies

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Resources focusing on specific areas

Country Information

As well as the wide range of books, journals and news sources which cover events in specific countries there are a number of other useful resources available for finding detailed information on a country.

  • Political Risk Yearbook - the library has access to all 100 Political Risk Services' Country Reports.
  • D & B Country Riskline Reports - a useful source for evaluating cross-border risks. Available via the Nexis database- choose Sources button at the top of the screen to locate the reports
  • Business Source Premier - over 100 Country Monitor Reports from IHS - a global information firm who produce country intelligence. The reports cover the current economic situation for each country and provide an outlook of the future. This database also included the Political Risk Yearbook. Limit your search to publication type: Country Reports. 

  • OECD iLibrary (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) -  access to the data and analysis of the OECD including the full-text of books and reports and a collection of statistics going back to the 1960s. A key resource for finding information on the world economy, society, education and environment. There is the option to browse or search by country.