Ebook Collections: EBL

This guide highlights a range of ebook collections, giving details on the content of the collections, and how to use them

About EBL

EBL is an ebook platform, providing access to E-books from a range of publishers, and covering a wide range of subjects.

Finding Ebooks on EBL

Search the Library to find all the EBL titles available to you. 


You will need to login to use EBL on and off-campus.  When you try to access an EBL Book  you will be taken to the University of St Andrews SSO page where you enter your username and password.

Can I read all the Ebooks on EBL?

Yes, EBL will only display the titles which the University of St Andrews has full-text access to. There are currently over 500 full-text titles available for you through EBL.

Why can't I access an EBL book?

EBL limits the number of people who can access some EBL books at the same time, for these titles this is limited to three concurrent users.  However most EBL ebooks allow unlimited concurrent users.  If you have any problems please let us know by emailing library@st-andrews.ac.uk

Currently EBL doesn't work with the Chrome browser, so try another browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera or Safari.

Reading online, Printing and Downloading

You can read the full-text of a book in EBL on the screen, by selecting the Read Online option on any of the ebook records.  This will display the cover page in the centre of the screen, and a Table of Contents to the left.  Select what you want to view from the Table of Contents.


You can Print pages from an EBL book using the Print icon  at the top of the book page.  There is a limit to the number of pages you can Print.  You can choose to print a select page, a selection of pages or a chapter


Downloading a chapter

 To download a chapter, select the Print icon  then select the chapter you want to Download and click Print this creates a PDF of the chapter.  However it also deducts the chapter from your print allowance, even if you don't print the pages.


Downloading the whole book

Most EBL ebooks are available to download in their entirety for a 1 day (24 hour) loan period.  Choose the Download option, where available.  

Important: Before you download an Ebook from EBL 

EBL Ebooks download in one of two formats, either an EPub file, or as a PDF file.  Some ebooks are available in both formats, but most are available in just  one format.

You need to ensure you have Adobe Digital Editions installed on your PC, there's a download link in EBL if you need it.

Make sure you have the correct software installed before you try to download the ebook.  


Downloading to your device

You can download EBL Ebooks to your own device.  iPad, iPhone and Android devices should have the Bluefire Reader installed to view EBL ebooks.  Any ebook reader which supports Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) can also be used.  Check this list for ADE compatible devices.

Problems logging in to EBL with Chrome?

There is a known error when trying to access EBL ebooks using the Google Chrome browser.  If you get an error ...

"500 - Internal server error.

There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed."

...then you should try accessing the ebook using an alternative browser eg. Firefox 

Examples of EBL Ebooks

Ask a Librarian

Need help? Chat to Library Staff, Monday - Friday, 9.00-17.00 using the box below.  When "Ask a Librarian" is unavailable email library@st-andrews.ac.uk with your question.