Ebook Collections: SAGE knowledge

This guide highlights a range of ebook collections, giving details on the content of the collections, and how to use them

About SAGE knowledge

SAGE knowledge provides access to Ebooks published by Sage and associate publishers.  The University has access to individual titles purchased on the Sage Knowledge platform, not to all the content.


Accessing ebooks on SAGE knowledge

Finding Ebooks on SAGE knowledge

The Sage Knoweledge Ebooks which the University of St Andrews has access to can be found by Searching the Library.  When you find a SAGE knowledge Ebook click the green ebook button.  If searching directly within Sage Knowledge , enter your search terms, then in the results page select the "Available to me" option to restrict results to items you have full-text access to.


If you are off-campus you will need to login:

  • From the Sage Knowledge page for the book you want to view, select the Instiution near the top right of the page
  • Select Login via your institution
  • Select "United Kingdom" from the List of Countries, then "University of St Andrews" from the list of Institutions
  • You're taken to the University of St Andrews SSO page, enter you username and password
  • You may find that you are taken to the Sage Knowledge Homepage rather than back to the specific book you wanted, if this happens use the search box and search by the title of the book you want to use.

You will not need to login if you are on-campus.

Can I read all the Ebooks on SAGE knowledge?

No, you can only access the titles which the University of St Andrews has purchased.

If you want to limit a search in SAGE knowledge to resources you can access, search using your chosen terms, and from the results, select the option Available to me  to refine the search.

Items which show a locked padlock symbol ahead of the title  are not available to you.  Items with no padlock are available.


Read Online, Print and Download options

You are permitted to access, print or download as much of an Ebook on SAGE knowledge, for personal use, as you need.  


Read Online 

You can read the full-text by selecting a title, then selecting the chapter you want to read.



You can choose to download a PDF of a chapter using the Download option You are permitted to download as much content as you need for personal use.  Once downloaded you can save the PDF or choose to print the pages you need.

Ask a Librarian

Need help? Chat to Library Staff, Monday - Friday, 9.00-17.00 using the box below.  When "Ask a Librarian" is unavailable email library@st-andrews.ac.uk with your question.