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Ebook Collections: Palgrave Connect

This guide highlights a range of ebook collections, giving details on the content of the collections, and how to use them

About Palgrave Connect

Palgrave Connect provides access to Ebooks published by Palgrave for subjects included in Humanities, Social Science and Business.  Access is provided through a SHEDL trial until February 2016.  See our blog entry for further information about what happens after the trial period.


You have access to over 6000 titles, all of which are available to print, copy, download or read online.  There is unlimited concurrent user access, which allows a whole class to use the same ebook at the same time.  

The content can be found in 12 subject collections:

Business and Management                      Economics and Finance                                          History 

Political Science                                        International Relations & Development                 Social Sciences

Media and Culture                                     Education                                                                  Language and Linguistics

Literature                                                    Theatre and Performance                                       Religion and Philosophy    

Accessing ebooks on Palgrave Connect

Finding Ebooks on Palgrave Connect

All the Palgrave Connect ebooks  can be accessed on the Palgrave Connect platform, and can be found using SAULCAT. When you find a Palgrave Connect Ebook in SAULCAT, click the "Connect to e-book" link.


You will need to login to use Palgrave Connect off-campus:

  • From the Palgrave Connect homepage select the Institutional/Athens Login at the top right of the page
  • In the Location box, select United Kingdom, then select University of St Andrews from the list of institutions OR
  • Search for University of St Andrews in the Search box
  • From the University of St Andrews SSO page enter your username and password

You will not need to login if you are on-campus.

Can I read all the Ebooks on Palgrave Connect?

No, you will see a padlock icon next to each title, if you have access the padlock will be green   or yellow   

If you can't access a title the padlock will be red but you can preview the content page and normally the introduction.

If you are searching Palgrave Connect and want to limit results to items where you have full-text access:

  • Choose the option to Browse the Ebooks your institution has access to using the button  on the Palgrave Connect Homepage OR
  • Use the Advanced Search option at the top of the Palgrave Connect homepage, and at the bottom of the search page, tick Hide Unsubscribed Content

All the titles available to you can be found on SAULCAT.

Read Online, Print and Download options

You are permitted to access, print or download as much of an Ebook on Palgrave Connect as you need.  Some titles will also allow for chapters or whole books to be downloaded to your mobile device or kindle, more information on this can be found in the box below.

Read Online

You can choose to read what you need online by selecting the View  option on any title you have full-text access to. The full-text of the book will open, and will be exactly the same as the print version of the book.  You can choose to scroll through, or use the Table of Contents located on the left of the page.


Print or Download options

Palgrave Connect allows you to print or download as much of each book as you require, you can choose print or download individual chapters or the whole book.


  • From the record of the Ebook in Palgrave Connect, use the Table of Contents, below the book information, and click the title of the chapter, or the View button 
  • When the chapter opens, choose the Download option  
  • This creates a PDF of the chapter, which you can print or save

Whole book:

  • From the record of the Ebook in Palgrave Connect, choose the Download option located beneath the image of the book cover
  • This creates a PDF of the whole book, which you can print or save.

Downloading to EReaders and mobile devices

Send to Kindle

Many Palgrave Connect Ebooks (though not all) provide a Send to Kindle  download option.  Before you can use this service you need to know your Kindle email address, and you need to add Palgrave Connect to your approved email settings on your kindle account.

Don't know your kindle email account?:

  • Go the Amazon Kindle website and choose the option to Manage your Kindle and sign in using your amazon account.  NB the link in this guide is to the UK Amazon Kindle website, you need to ensure you use the correct site for the country your Kindle was registered in.
  • Sign-in with your amazon account
  • From the Kindle Account area, select Manage your devices and select the device you want to send the ebook to.
  • In the top area you will see the details of the email address for your Kindle, it normally ends

Adding Palgrave Connect to your personal email settings:

  • Login to your Amazon Kindle account as shown above
  • In the Kindle account area select Personal Document Settings
  • Under Approved Personal Documents Email list select Add a new approved email address
  • Add the email address

Once you have amended your settings you can use the Send to Kindle download option in Palgrave Connect.

Mobiles, Tablet and iPads

Many Palgrave Connect Ebooks (though not all) provide a Mobile  download option.  These are provides in the EPub format.  Before you try to access these using your own device it is recommended that you install the BlueFire Reader App to your device, which can be found in the Apple Store, or Google Play.

You will also need to ensure that you have an EPub reader, such as Adobe Digital Editions installed.

To download to a mobile device, search for what you want to download on your device, and choose the Mobile download option.

Choose to download using the Bluefire App.  The book will download into your Bluefire Reader Library where you can access it.

See the Bluefire Reader User Guide for more information about using the app.

Examples of Palgrave Connect Ebooks

When you click the book image or title you will be taken to the record on SAULCAT, from here you can open the link to the ebook.

Ask a Librarian

Need help? Chat to Library Staff, Monday - Friday, 9.00-17.00 using the box below.  When "Ask a Librarian" is unavailable email with your question.