Ebook Collections: Elsevier e-Library

This guide highlights a range of ebook collections, giving details on the content of the collections, and how to use them

About Elsevier eLibrary

Elsevier eLibrary provides access to a collection of Medical ebooks.


There are currently 12 titles in the collection, though more may be added.

Accessing Elsevier e-Library titles

Finding Elsevier eLibrary titles

All the Elsevier eLibrary tirles can be accessed on the Elsevier eLibrary platform, and can be found by searching the Library

There are two possible routes:

  • If you go straight to the Elsevier eLibrary Platform, you need to click the Bookshelf link located at the top of the page to view the titles you have full-text access to
  • If you search the Library collections click the green Ebook button in the results and you're taken straight into the ebook.


If you are off-campus you will need to login:

  1. Search the Library using the book title, and click the green ebook icon 
  2. This takes you to the Elsevier eLibrary Login page, select Shibboleth sign-on from the list of options
  3. Next select University of St Andrews from the list of institutions, and click Select
  4. The University SSO page will open, enter your username and password
  5. Once logged in your taken to the Elsevier eLibrary bookshelf for the University of St Andrews, where you select the ebook you want to view from the list of book images.


  1. If you access Elsevier eLibrary directly (not through a SAULCAT record) select Login and follow steps 2-5 above.

You will not need to login if you are on-campus.

Can I read all the Ebooks on SAGE knowledge?

No, you have access to the titles bought by the University of St. Andrews.

To see the titles available to you, from anywhere on the Elsevier eLibrary page click the Bookshelf link, located at the top of the page.

You can view a preview of pre-selected content for any Elsevier eLibrary title which we don't have access to.

Read Online and Download options

Read Online 

You can navigate through the document using forward and back options at the bottom of the page.

You can also add bookmarks, highlight text, copy text, or add your own comments and note.  To do this you first need to create an account within Elsevier ebooks.  To create an account:

  • Click the Bookshelf  link at the top of the page
  • From the yellow login area, select Register
  • Complete the registration form.
  • When you access any of the ebook titles available you'll now have the option to add bookmarks and make notes


Read Offline

You have the option to download titles from Elsevier eLibrary which you access from the Elsevier E-Reader:

  • From the Bookshelf you'll see you have the option to Read Offline, click this option

  • In order to use this you'll need to install the E-Reader software, please note you'll only be able to do this on your own device.
  • Once the E-reader software in installed choose the Download optionand the ebook will be downloaded into the E-reader.  You can highlight text, add bookmarks and your own notes within the E-reader.

Problems logging in to Elsevier eLibrary with Chrome?

There is a known error when trying to access Elsevier eLibrary ebooks using the Google Chrome browser off-campus.  

We recommend you use an alternative browser, e.g.  Firefox 

Ask a Librarian

Need help? Chat to Library Staff, Monday - Friday, 9.00-17.00 using the box below.  When "Ask a Librarian" is unavailable email library@st-andrews.ac.uk with your question.